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George’s tarp goes up at Smashville!

George’s tarp and Black Knight banner go up behind court 1 at Smashville 9/16!

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Smashville Update Aug 31

Once the lights are moved, we move in to put down the sport court!

To Do List:
Sweep and mop
Lighting re-position
Put Sport court down
Clean bathrooms
Install showers
Setup reception, exercise area, pro shop
place rope across windows for blue tarps
build rails on upper level viewing area / plexiglass “windows”
Raise a bunch of cash
Find social media guru to make lots of posts on FB, twitter, Instagram, tumbler, whatsapp, and others
Set up weekly schedule of play, lessons, competitions
Plan for BCD tourney fundraiser on Sept 27-28
Continue to work with Black Knight on Sponsorship
Locate other sponsors
Contact local restaurants – offer ads in our “program”, e.g. 15% discount coupon – 3 month cycle $25.
Other vendors..

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