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Floyd Helps PA Badminton!

Floyd helps PA Badminton!

Floyd Wilkins stringing up a Black Knight Photon!

Floyd Wilkins stringing up a Black Knight Photon!


Dear friends, many of you know that Floyd has volunteered and worked hard for the Smashville badminton center putting up drywall on the high ceiling, painting walls, laying in floor boards, cleaning up awful messes and mopping the courts. He has no home and is aiming for a small room in Pottstown and is trying to raise at least 250. His proposal is to work off any of your contributions (which are tax deductible ) – win-win for him and for Smashville! He is also learning racquet stringing and has been out on the courts with a number of you as well! 


Please assist if you are able. PayPal to or go to:

When your contribution comes thru, we will send you a letter from our tax-exempt umbrella org for your accounting.

Cheers and Happy Holidays! Eric & the PBA Team

 “This homeless man with a good heart and passion for sports has done more for Pennsylvania Badminton this year than most of our players!  Let’s rally to his support.”


Eric Miller, Ph.D.,  President, Pennsylvania Badminton Association


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Friday DEC 11 Floyd’s 1st Birthday Party!!

Friday DEC 11 floyd_stringing

Floyd’s 1st Birthday BASH

At Smashville 7:30pm


We supply Badminton courts, tasty snacks, soft drinks, some shuttles..

You bring a dish or fancier drinks, contribution ($10. Suggested).


RSVP (space is limited)


Floyd has never had a birthday party before!

PayPal to or go to:

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Eric & the PBA Team

PS Feel free to make a contribution even if you can’t make it!


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