2017 Phila Area Team competition:

Bharat Trophy

Registration is here
Date: Sat Dec 2nd  approx 10am – 6pm
Recommended format: 3 singles and 2 doubles.  (Possible) Alternate format: 3 doubles.

Match scoring is 1 game to 25 no set,  up until Finals.  Finals will be full 2 out of 3 to 21 match.


All-gender teams

A singles player may repeat into doubles, however not into another singles.

A Doubles player may repeat with a different partner.

For example, a 3 player team can field 3 singles, and two doubles with 1 player repeating.

A 2 player team would need to forfeit 3rd singles and 2nd doubles, however could still win a match by winning all 3 of their games.
A 7 player team can have unique players for each match position.
Recommended format:
1 open doubles (any gender),  2 Mixed Doubles (M/F)  – scoring 2 games to 21
Tournament reserves the right to modify match format and scoring.

Round robin pool format for initial rounds will be played so teams can face off against a number of other teams

If sufficient teams for multiple pools, then top two advance to elimination playoffs.

Losing teams in brackets play off for lower place positions e.g. 5-6, 7-8.
Players ARE allowed to compete in both divisions!
Clubs may enter more than one team.

Venue is Smashville in Pottstown

Fee is $100. / team.  (E.g. with a 5 player team each player pays 20.)


5 Tubes of Smashville Pro Shuttles to winning team for your club!

1 Large team trophy to winning team  plus winners mugs for individual team members.

Finalist Team trophy for second, plus mugs

Third place gets mugs

Feather shuttles provided: Smashville Pro