Saturday 07 April 2018

Phila Spring Team Competition at Smashville

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We had more than 70 players at our first Team event in Dec!

Based on player feedback and this experience we have adopted the following format to keep matches flowing on schedule:

1. A Team Match shall consist of 1 singles and 2 doubles matches.  Events: Open & Mixed.  (Mixed must have minimum of 2 women on the team).  All 3 matches may be played simultaneously or close to it.

2. A standard team consists of 5 players that will play 1 singles match and 2 doubles matches with no repeaters.  A team with fewer players may still play, however will forfeit the missing match.  For example, a team of 3 may field 1 singles and 1 doubles, and if they win both, they win the match.  A team of 4 may choose to play 2 doubles and forfeit the singles.  They would need to win both to win the Team Match

3. Two subs are allowed per Team Match.  Subs must be registered as part of the team during registration.

Fee: $100. /team

Prizes:  Trophies, shuttles and mugs


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