Board Notes

Nov 30, 2016  PBA/Smashville Member’s Meeting / Board Meeting

Present: Eric, Srini, Sharon, Sudhakar, Daniel, Srik, Pat, R’Twick

Meeting commenced approx 7:08pm

Request made for someone to take notes – suggestion was to assign to VP who had not yet arrived.

Discussion continued with immediate IT needs related to needs for data reporting capabilities within the sign-in system, database management and connectivity – coding and interface development needed.  Committee members, Srini, Pat, Daniel, Eric

Eric reported an update with the Truss removal project.  This had been on hold and was now moving again with potential involvement from our original engineer who helped us model joist removal initially.  Eric to meet with Mr. Zeigler hopefully within a couple of weeks.   R’Twick asked about approximate costs.  Approx cost for re-modeling the center beam only may be $5K.  Fundraising effort will be needed.

Junior Program – Hitesh (and Darshika – not present)  HItesh has spoken at length with Junichi K. and Beth S. of the NE Region regarding hosting a Mid-Atlantic Jrs locally.  He is looking into facilities and has contacted U Penn and is looking into Drexel.  Hitesh is considering a formalized training curriculum that outlines specific skills for different levels and set session dates.  Sudhakar discussed the importance of school programs and introducing badminton to the schools.  Eric related our entree to Pottstown HS the past 2 years going and and providing badminton demos for approx 150 kids each year in 5 of their gym classes.  Grant funding may be possible for this kind of effort through USBEF as it was 2 years ago when we imported Paul K and Lisa W. from NC to head up the school clinics.  Sudhakar will join JR committee.

PROMO –  Sharon is interested in working on our social media presence, webpage and logo!  She is a web designer, graphic artist and personal trainer!  Daniel stepped up to take on the “Editor” position, which I see as a point person for collecting stories, photos and news items that could be channelled into various outlets including Newsletter, Web page, FB, WhatsApp, twitter, etc.,  Some possible news items might be Jr player tourney results, Smashville events e.g. Diwali party, player stories, training tips, etc.,

Pat introduced questions about overall goals and objectives for the organization.  Eric voiced immediate concerns about financial sustainability and a general vision of growth, however this area could certainly be developed and flushed out with more specific growth planning with intermediate objectives and markers.

Srik would like to continue helping on the Events, Tourneys and Clinics committee.

What Members Want – Hitesh suggested upper overhead painting of beams and roof structures.  Eric – this is very doable in the manner that we previously held work parties to renovate the building.  We have scaffolding and can purchase paint, rollers and drop-cloth.  A project Chair could proceed with setting a work party date (maybe a Sunday) where we would need probably at least 4 persons to setup the scaffolding and proceed to paint.  Back upper viewing area could also be painted for a cleaner appearance.

Daniel suggested more mat courts!  This is also possible with some fundraising.  Low end roll down courts currently price at 1300 plus shipping from China.  1500 or 1600 gets a thicker higher quality court.  Committee: Daniel, Eric

Membership  – Chair needed for membership committee (Did someone volunteer for this? Srik?)  Membership encompasses a number of areas including efforts to increase membership, such as membership drives, flyers, promo, Membership satisfaction (and complaints) , Membership packets for new members, and compiling membership data from existing records, tracking membership payments, outstanding dues, etc.,

General Operations – new credo on the website is Smashville – where everyone picks up the broom!  Efforts are needed to get into members’ consciousness that everyone helps out!   Maybe consider required member work party participation once a year or something..

Communications  – suggestion was made for a Board email list.  Pat suggested a blog style page may be more efficient.  Immediate move was to create a WhatsApp group.  This page on the Smashville site is a “Blog” style editable doc.  members will need to create a user and pass, then Eric can grant “board” privileges.

Committee please help fill in minutes not shown here!  THX!

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Tournament entry – by Daniel

Eric and I briefly discussed the tournament brackets.  In the last tournament we had a large number of A and B players entering the C bracket.  This meant that genuine C players, like me, had no chance whatsoever of winning anything.  For the next tournament  it’s happening again — R’twick, I’m looking at you!

So we want to set up a Tournament Entry Review Committee consisting of board members who play at Smashville regularly and who are aware of the skill level of the regulars.  This review committee will be authorized to re-assign players to the appropriate brackets.  This will result in a fairer tournament for everyone.

So can we get some volunteers — I think two people are probably enough for this committee.  Then the committee can work with the entries for the birthday tournament coming up.

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