Train at Smashville!  Elite tournament coaching!  Coaches with prior US National rankings & USAB certification.  Eric Miller – US no. 12 in Open Mens Doubles in 2005 with partner Jun Igarashi and no. 20 in 2013 with son Zak Miller!

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Yuki Kim

Yuki learned badminton in a dedicated club while attending middle school in Japan. She graduated from West Chester University with a full tuition scholarship in 2017 with a chemistry degree, all while raising a little girl who just turned 3. Meanwhile she has volunteered to organize and promote the badminton program at the Phoenixville YMCA, and is currently instructing a kids training class. She has a great passion for providing badminton training that promotes building a strong foundation for beginners and the younger generation that makes a difference in raising a player’s potential. In training sessions, the focus is on whole body movements and balance to build consistency in each shot and generate power from the ground up to hit effortless overhead shots. A variety of practice drills are provided to improve footwork and court coverage. Yuki also actively participates in local badminton tournaments in both singles and doubles. Her recent achievements are the winner of the Sewa Annual Charity Tournament 2017 in Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles with Lavanya Tirumamidi, Mixed Doubles with Vyom Rastogi, the winner of the Mainline Doubles Badminton Tournament 2018 in Mixed Doubles with Ramprasad Santhanam in a field of 16 pairs of participants


Vinay was an average middle schooler who loved to play badminton. He started when he was around 12 years old. His inspiration was from his first coach which is his dad. As he grew up, he played for the University of Banglore. Vinay competed in many tournaments which encompasses, singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. When he was about 23, his first exposure to badminton as a coach began in Bangalore,India for a group of kids who wanted to play this sport. His further studies/job brought him to the US, but as always, wanted to play badminton and started coaching in Phoenixville, PA and pretty soon started to coach in Smashville, Pottstown PA. Currently he actively coaches kids/adults of all ages with individual sessions and in a group setup when needed.
Smashville has played a very important role in keeping him fit.


Zak Miller

Zak wins singles and doubles at Southern Open in Chapel Hill 2012

Tournament Highlights:
* U19 Winner at Southern Open singles and Doubles – Mar, 2012

* PA states XD Winner Mar. 2012 with Tiffany Tung

* Ranked 20 in the US Mens Doubles with Eric Miller Nov 25, 2011

* Finalist Maryland Junior Open U17 Doubles with Azevedo Handono (Yonex), 2010.

* Winner Mid-Atlantic Juniors U17 Mixed Doubles with Soumya Gade, Dec. 2009.

* Finalist PA High School Championships Singles and Doubles, May 2009.

* Winner PA High School Championships Doubles, 2008.

Coached by:
Andy Chong USA

Lawrence Chew Switzerland Taka Hiramatsu Japan

Bob Malythong USA

Halim Harianto USA

Domenic Soong, Canada

Nikki Vered USA

Vincent Lobo USA

Ornella Dumartheray, Switzerland



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SMASHVILLE Kids Training

Wed, Fri 4:30-6pm

4:30 – Warm-up, stretching, warm-up rallies

4:45pm Badminton Footwork

5:00pm Court drills, racquet skills, group feeder exercises

5:30 Fun games and competitive matches, family/parent involvement

5:55 court clean up


Sat 2:30 – 4pm

2:30pm – Warm-up, stretching, warm-up rallies

2:30pm Badminton Footwork

2:45pm Court drills, racquet skills, group feeder exercises

3:00pm Serve, return of serve

3:30pm fun games and competitive matches, family/parent involvement

3:55 court clean up

Fee: $20./ session   (6 session series for $99.)


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