Q.  Do I have to prepay online before coming to play or can I just “walk in?

A.  Sorry – due to the pandemic we now require advance reservation through the website  and advance payment.  We offer the “unlimited” monthly membership as well as member, and non-member punchcards.   https://smashville.us/app/

After you register, please pay via Venmo or Zelle. Be sure to reserve your spot and then sign in on the app once you are onsite.

Q. Do I need to bring birdies?

A. Yes! Bring Birdies (or buy some from us).   When you are rotating into the club doubles you will need contribute 1 Smashville birdie to the group birdie basket and then you may utilize basket birds for club play .. until they are out.  This insures that everyone is supplying their fair share of shuttles and it’s not just one or two players paying for all the birdies.

      Q. When is the club open?

A.  We have club play most days at about 7pm and various weekend times at the POTTSTOWN location, however the   club is member-driven and does not have regular “business hours”.  Members with “Access” privileges may open it anytime, any day!  To be sure the club is open or to see if anyone is playing on an off-time, you need view reservations by logging in to the web app.   KING OF PRUSSIA location (7 mat courts) plays 3-4 days /week.  Usually M, F, Sat in the winter and M, W, F, Sat in the summer. Check times on whatsapp group description.  Special announcement or blackout messages may be posted on the WhatsApp group.

Reservations and times may be accessed at: https://smashville.us/app/   

Q. Are the “club play” nights open play or is it more of a set league atmosphere?

A. Club play nights are loose rotations.. not league format.  Kind of depends on how many show up.  When busy, a foursome plays 1 game and then rotates off so waiting players can play. So far we have not usually been that busy, however it can happen for a portion of the Club Play time on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Other nights are also available to our unlimited members, and other members may be able to join when announced on our WhatsApp group.  We do hope to get a league going soon!  The KOP location has introduced a “challenge court” !

      Q:  I don’t have a playing partner. If I register a spot at one of the locations, should I                 just show up and usually there are people there in same situation and you can                   match up with someone?
A:  Actually at Club play, we all mix up and we encourage members to play with                        different players! We consider it poor etiquette to remain solely in a clique group.

Q. Why might I consider joining the Smashville WhatsApp group?

A.  This is where most of the communication around play happens.  How many are coming, when play is cancelled, special holiday events. It is especially useful for those interested in playing during “off-times” and non-club play hours.  Players often put out an impromptu query to see if anyone is interested in playing at an off time.  If enough respond – game on!  There are also notices about training sessions, events and sometimes “FREE for members” events!  We have another WA group for Kids training.  To JOIN the Smashville WhatsApp click: http://smashville.us/go/whatsapp/

Q.  How can I help out?

A. Smashville is a community-based organization and has only been able to develop due to players volunteering to help with various tasks from painting, line taping and junk removal to food preparation and event organization.  We would love to have you come and help! Contact us at Play@Smashville.us with your talents!

Q. Looks like I’m the last one here and I don’t know where all the light switches are and how to lock up!

A.  We have just posted a web page that shows (most) all the light switch locations and how to close the place up for the night!  It’s currently under the Member Login drop-down however anyone can view: http://smashville.us/go/lights/

Q.  What Badminton events do you run throughout the year?

A.  In the Fall we typically have a team tourney, in Dec we have our Birthday and Holiday tourney.  In the Spring we hold the PA State Championships and in the Summer we now have the India Independence day event.  Twice a year we run a 1.5 month Professional League with cash prizes.

      Q: What equipment do you have to bring of your own and what can you borrow from           the facility?
A: You need proper shoes, a racquet (yes, initially you may borrow one from the Club – after that it’s a $2. rental), and you will need to place a Smashville birdie in the communal “Birdie Basket” that all players will draw from at the start of play to be fair to all.