Tues & Thurs mornings 10am – 12pm Indoors at KOP!  Fridays 2-4pm

Let’s play Pickleball! fun play, low key, friendly club! Indoor mat courts in KOP.

Tues & Thurs mornings 10am – 12pm Indoors – Yeah, we have some dead spots on the floor.. this is just for fun.

Masks are required in lobby areas however not required on court

Entry fee $5   Pay via Venmo to @smashville

All players need to sign in on www.Smashville.us/app  (to be updated soon)

You can  now use ttps://smashville.us/pickleball/ ‎

Select member type = pickleball when you register! 

Also listed on TeamReach – code: smashPB

Location: Max Power Sports

250 King Manor Dr.  King of Prussia, PA

More Info Coming Soon!

Visit  https://smashville.us/go/pickleball/ ‎


Also www.PickleMinton.com