Zak Miller instructing at Tops & Chops Clinic Dec 2021
Gina & Zak (left) – Finalists, Janine & Eric (right)- Winners! Smashville July 2nd Independence Day Open Div. Fisher Park

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Indoors at the Rec Center: 1/25 – 2/29/2024 & 3/14 – 4/18/2024
Outdoors at Fisher Park: 5/2 – 6/6 & 6/20 – 7/25/2024

Register: https://forms.gle/vuovA6BLK2sjAnNJ6

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Zak is now a certified Pickleball coach! You can contact him for training by email zak @ Smashville.us  for Individual & Group Pickleball Lessons!

Zak and Quin place 3rd in winter league-style tourney Phoenixville 2021!

Mexico Pickleball Vacay Feb 12-15, 2024

Register Here for San Miguel Pickleball Days – Feb 13-16, 2023

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Article in March 2022 Reading Eagle!


Locations:  Pottstown newbie lessons at Smashville, Fisher Park Phoenixville, East Coventry, Skippack Palmer Park! 

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Pottstown newbie lessons, Fisher Park Phoenixville, outdoor events!

Visit  https://smashville.us/go/pickleball/ ‎