Entry deadline extended! Wednesday, October 11, 2017 11:59 PM  

REGISTRATION LINK:      Rumble PIX 2016:

The Smashville Badminton Rumbles are short match format tourneys designed to allow competitive play against a larger variety of opponents than a typical tournament. Matches up through the semi-finals are 1 game to 25 (switch sides at 13).  Round robin pools are set up for matches against at least 3 opponents/teams and up to possibly 5 or even 6!

In multiple bracket events, both 1st and 2nd place teams will advance to a playoff round.
Single bracket event pools will not generate a “playoff”.  Not all pools will generate a “playoff”.

Players must commit to being present for the entire event due to the large number of matches scheduled and the possibility of additional unscheduled “drop-down” matches.
Current “Rumbles” are scheduled for:
Adult & Jr Rumble Oct 14,  
Oct 14th ADULT  Rumble


Open Singles – All gender,

Open Doubles – All-gender,

Junior Doubles,

Rookies – 1st year playing or 1st tourney



Jrs start 9am

Adults start 11am

Please arrive a half hour prior to your match time.

Sponsorship opportunities!

Please consider sponsoring this tournament for beverages at the $50. level, Trophies at the  $100. level, T-Shirts at the $150. level, Indian Lunch $150. level, Shuttles at the $200. level, Operations at the $500. level, Whole Event at the $1000. level!  Speak to Amanda or Daniel at


Mandatory facility fee: $10. (Smashville members exempt). Entry Fee / player per event, 1st event $30. 2nd event $20. 3rd event $15.
Additional contributions are optional. PAYMENT is DUE upon ENTRY SUBMISSION!

Tourney Payments

Completing registration constitutes agreement to waive all liability for injury and any damages.
I agree to hold PBA, Smashville Club and its officers and staff, and building owner harmless for any dmage or injury.
I also allow photos taken to be used for promotional purposes.

All “request partner” entries will be reviewed following registration deadline.
We will attempt to pair as many as we can, however we cannot guarantee that a partner request will be filled.
We also cannot guarantee a congenial match as far as player temperament or level of skill.

ALL Registrations are ON-LINE. Follow link from to the Tournament Software site

NO entries will be accepted after the deadline

DEADLINE: Oct 11 midnight.


ALL players must register – partners must register – Please make sure your partner has entered and paid!
View page at for updated schedule of events and Payments or
Paypal direct to


Awarded to all players registered and paid for at least 2 events by Sept 24th

Smashville Badminton
310 E. High St. 3rd Fl
Pottstown, PA 19464
3 courts

Obstructing cross-beams have been removed!  The remaining 3 support trusses have been elevated!  Rule remains 1 per player per game.  After one truss hit, it is a fault for that player.  Ceiling is OUT!

WBF Pool rules apply:

16.1 The ranking in tournaments played under the pool system or in groups shall be determined in accordance with the Regulations 16.2 to 16.3.
16.2 In case of Individual Championships:
16.2.1 Ranking in individual championships will be established by the number of matches won.
16.2.2 If two players / pairs have won the same number of matches, the winner of the match between them will be ranked higher.
16.2.3 If three or more players / pairs have won the same number of matches, ranking will be established by the difference between total games won and total games lost, with greater difference ranked higher.