Tropical BCD 2016 Tourney

Tropical BCD 2016 Badminton Tourney at Smashville – Larger Trophies for Rookies!

Snow forecast postpones tourney to JAN 30!  New Deadline is Wednesday Jan 27.Smashville cafe2

This is for B, C and D level players.  In DOUBLES, an “A” player may partner with a C or D player in the B level Doubles event.  Rookie class is “D” level.  Half-court singles tourney plays on the half court out to the doubles line.  Half-court match is one game to 25 switch sides at 13.  All Round Robin Doubles games are 2 games to 21 no set. However brackets with more than 5 teams will play 2 games to 15 because of the large number of games to be played.  Mixed Doubles in B and C brackets.  Please make every effort to play with a different partner if playing 2 different brackets.

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TROPHIES for Winners and Finalists in ALL brackets!  We’ve lowered the bar – large trophies for Rookie class!  Yes, we do have some overhead obstructions – first “truss” per game per player is a let and the point is re-played, following the first let, it is a fault for that player.  HOWEVER we have a PRIZE for the most truss faults!! NEW – “Low Bar” Trophy!!

Now – 3rd place prizes!

FREE T-SHIRT for first 20 PAID entrants playing at least 2 events.

ALL Welcome!

Bring us  a tropical plant and get $5. off your third event!  – Tropicals in pots would really help boost our atmosphere as we continue to work on the facility off-court areas.

Request partner OK!! if you don’t have a partner, there’s an excellent chance that we can hook you up!

Location: Smashville – 310 E. High St., Pottstown, PA 19464 3rd Floor.

FEEs: Entry Fee is $20. / player for each event.
Mandatory facility fee is $10.   (Smashville members exempt from fee)  3 doubles events max + 1 Halfcourt singles
Bring a tropical plant for $5. off 3rd event and get entry into raffle for prizes!. Payment page Additional contributions gladly accepted!

Times: B’s  start 10am, Rookie’s and Cs start at noon. We are planning to complete in 1 day.


Come and support the new badminton facility in PA!

Registration: Tropical BCD’s at Smashville Sat Jan 23, 2016!  Registration is UP HERE:

Click above or go direct to:

or go to Smashville Payment page:


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From our Tropical BCD’s in 2014:


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