E. High St.


A grant from the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation makes it happen!

Smashville Ribbon cutting

Smashville Ribbon cutting



Out with the old beams, in with the new!


Courts 1 and 2 go in!!  Weekend work parties are back in force!  Pict of Pat and Srik putting down 2nd court tiles.  Still plenty of painting, drywall, snap-court and cleaning for you helpers to assist with!



















Pottstown Progress


April 2014: It’s happening!!

April 2015 – Insulation is up! Inspector

wants gaps filled and additional bay insulated next to Badminton space.   Floor is clear again! Rafters are out of the 1st bay – once drywall is up the rest of the rafters come out!

IMG_2593truss cover mess

Floor is cleaned up and ceiling is coming down!  We need contributions NOW to get the insulation and drywall up so the attic joists can be removed!   Donate HERE!   THANKS – The Smashville Team!



Feb 2014: Time for the pros to take over the renovation! Fundraising efforts continued with Thanksgiving Turkout Smashout at Kimberton!  Mac Jrs upcoming!



It takes a village! Please volunteer to assist.

WE NEED YOU! There is a huge amount of work to do clearing this place out – the sooner the junk is out, the sooner we can play!

IMG_1794Pottstown Junk from front dressers



—————- FREE Snacks ————— !!

Nov 2013:

Now is the time to make a contribution – large or small, every bit helps!


After 10 years of looking, planning and near-misses, we finally have a location for dedicated badminton play in Pennsylvania!  This will be a great starting point for 3 courts of kids play, lessons, training and low level club play.. and club-level tourneys.

However much help is needed to clear the junk out  – probably several months worth!  It will truly take a village to make this badminton center happen.  That means WE NEED YOU TO HELP!
Please respond with what time you can make it to eric@smashville.us Now is the time to make a contribution – large or small, every bit helps!


The smashville listserve is now on google groups!  Please join here for latest news and to view photos!

The Smashville Team

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