Lights and Closing

Lights – Overhead light banks are on 4 different switches to be able to isolate courts!

The first bank of lights is on the wall near the red net post at Court 1

The 2nd bank is LOW to the Floor near the back brick section of court 2 near the olympic Atlanta 1996 insignia:


The 3rd bank is controlled from the 1st switch on the panel by court 1.




The 4th  bank of lights is discretely located behind the 3rd court at the stairway that goes up to the Mezzanine:


The Café is the first switch on the panel by court 3 leading to the café.  The 3rd switch on that panel is for the 4 sets of overhead triple head lamps across the the 3 courts.

The HEAT on the courts is controlled by the upper switch in back of court 2 and fires all 3 overhead gas units.  Switch is to the right of the Court 2 sign and is now a round timer switch. Please only turn in green area and and stop before red. Turning to about 4 O’CLOCK gives you about 20 min heat before turning off.



Closing up!

** Be sure HEAT is OFF  both Overheads, Foyer gas fireplace (rocker switch on upper right rear panel of unit) and Ping Pong room wall unit.
1. Pick up shuttles
2. Sweep courts
3. Mop courts if needed
4. TURN OFF ALL LIGHTS including bathrooms, small office and upstairs lights.
5. Lock outer door with push button lock (center of lock-pad unit)  Pict coming soon!