2017 Phila Area Team Competition 

Links to Pix from Sudha HERE and more PIX from Sudha!  Links to PIX from Vyom  

Pict from Kyle

Teams have entered so far from Mainline (2x), Kimberton (2x), Club 28 (3x), Smashville (3x), Dilwyne(2x), Fil-Am Club, PHX YMCA!
Date: Sat Dec 2nd  approx 10am – 8pm
Recommended format: 3 singles and 2 doubles.  (Possible) Alternate format: 3 doubles.

Match scoring is 1 game to 25 no set,  up until Finals.  Finals will be full 2 out of 3 to 21 match.


All-gender teams

A singles player may repeat into doubles, however not into another singles.

A Doubles player may repeat with a different partner.

For example, a 3 player team can field 3 singles, and two doubles with 1 player repeating.

A 2 player team would need to forfeit 3rd singles and 2nd doubles, however could still win a match by winning all 3 of their games.
A 7 player team can have unique players for each match position.
Recommended format:
1 open doubles (any gender),  2 Mixed Doubles (M/F)  – scoring 2 games to 21
Tournament reserves the right to modify match format and scoring.

Round robin pool format for initial rounds will be played so teams can face off against a number of other teams

If sufficient teams for multiple pools, then top two advance to elimination playoffs.

Losing teams in brackets play off for lower place positions e.g. 5-6, 7-8.
Players ARE allowed to compete in both divisions!
Clubs may enter more than one team.

Line-up orders must be declared ahead of play (by Wednesday) so draws and timings may be made!
This is essential for scheduling because many players are playing in multiple brackets
and also to help avoid any “stacking” to gain an advantage.

Teams that are coming with “alternates” will be allowed 2 player substitutions per match in singles or
doubles, however the rest of the line-up may not change order. Alternates may sub into any position.

Teams need to declare the order of their 3 singles and 2 doubles in the Open Div along with an alternate format of 3 doubles.  Alternates should also be declared however no order is necessary for them.  MXD Div needs to declare 2 MXD teams and 1 any gender team along with alternates.

Venue is Smashville in Pottstown

Fee is $100. / team.  (E.g. with a 5 player team each player pays 20.)


5 Tubes of Smashville Pro Shuttles to winning team for your club!

1 Large team trophy to winning team  plus winners mugs for individual team members.

Finalist Team trophy for second, plus mugs

Third place gets mugs

Team Trophy for 3rd Place just added!

Feather shuttles provided: Smashville Pro

Tournament committee reserves the right to modify regulations in the interest of overall tournament viability.

Team Tourney and Xtras