News Flash: June 2023 Over 2300 installs!

We are excited to introduce a FREE VR badminton training demo that focuses on the drop shot. Future versions will include additional shots. This demo also features an “arcade” style targeting mode – a great badminton warm-up! Gym space scarce? Practice from home with this training app demo!

Get it FREE here: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/5365374053534294/

Coach Zak Miller demonstrates the VR app in this video trailer.

If you are a top coach or world class player and would like to get involved in our next version, we can include your approved video tip (less than 30sec) in the next build for about 600. or a full 3D avatar of yourself delivering the tip for about 1k. Email to vr @ smashville.us to inquire further. THX! Dr. E. Miller

For specific questions and support, please email VR @ Smashville.us

Please contact us here!

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